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AND Acquisition Service!

Whether you’re a seasoned investor, realtor, or broker, LeadClicker is here to help you maximize your return on time and investments.

From long-term buy and hold strategies to short-term rentals and fix and flip projects, or simply finding people interested in selling their home with you…

Our “done for you”, or “done-with-you” service is your gateway to success.

Automate OVER 50% of your operations using our comprehensive outbound lead generation and acquisition services.

30,000 – 45,000 phone calls, and thousands of text messages made per month for you. No Set up fee. No lock-in. 

HURRY Though! We ONLY TAKE ONE client per zip code!!!

But WHY can there only be ONE?

Take Fort Lauderdale, Florida for example. There’s about 100,200 housing units in that city (78% occupied). That means it will take us about 2-3 months to call every single homeowner in the city. 

For us, that means we could have 1 client for 2 months, or 2 clients for 1 month, and the first option is much easier and more valuable for everyone. Makes sense, right?

– Here’s what other real estate lead generation services won’t tell you:
ads can literally run for every singly one of your competitors, and you wouldn’t know usually.

Leadclicker actually calls all the HOME OWNERS in your zip codes, qualifies them, and…. if you’re interested in investing or flipping it yourself… 

We’ll even negotiate a great price for you and get it under contract!

Book a call, and you will be notified within 24 hours via email and SMS if your zip is no longer available- otherwise, get excited – you’re about to…


Victor, OMG you have OVERLOADED me with leads just now. I am still finishing and contacting the ones from earlier this week. That is great, but now I need to prioritize them and still find time to call them

Richard Naranjo

Real Estate Agent

I had spent countless hours scratching my head over what type of content would work for me and all I got was lost leads and wasted time with prospects because I couldn't seem to make money out of it all. Qualified prospects are sent right to my phone, and I’m closing my deals all day long now! Thanks again!

AJ Smith

Real Estate Broker


Own your city!

Most of our realtor and broker clients get between 8-30, double qualified sellers and/or buyers in your EXCLUSIVE Zip Code(s)

Once we accept a client in a city, we usually don’t take another one, (unless it has over 120,000 home owners)

 We can’t make over 30,000 calls a month for many people in one area! But for the ones we do work with – it’s almost like a superpower!

Setup a Consultation with an Expert

    Your own callers

    Personal callers, a team of skip tracers, managers, acquisition experts, negotiators, and assistants

    Free Websites, Power Dialer

    A CRM system and power dialer, IDX websites, automated SMS & email marketing


    You and only you get all the best leads in your area.

    Done Deals

    From Leads who already know who you are, and are expecting your call, to profitable properties, vetted and signed.

    What if you ONLY talk with serious, qualified leads?

    What would you do with all that extra time you’re not wasting with “looky-loo’s”…

    Unlike social media ads, you get leads that have confirmed verbally TWICE:

    – Are not working with a realtor

    – Are interested in talking to you specifically

    – have told us when they are planning to move, how long they’ve been thinking about moving, how much they want for their property, how many buildings are on their property, when was the last time their kitchens and bathrooms were renovated.

    (And much more!)

    We find impossible leads

    Our skip tracers find people most likely to sell their property, then our expert team calls them, and starts relationships with them for you.

    If you’re an investor, we’ll even get the best deals negotiated, and under contract for you – ready to flip, fix, or just add to your investor’s group portfolio!

    These ARE NOT the people mindlessly scrolling social media, or searching Google for gardening supplies… and feel like wasting your time on a whim.

    For each one of our real estate agents, realtors, brokerages & investors looking to generate qualified buyer and seller leads, we make over 1000 calls per day.

    Frustrated With Your Acquisition Process? Let Our Driven and Skilled Team Bring You Winning Deals!

    Close Deals with Confidence

    At LeadClicker, we understand that closing deals is the exciting part of your real estate journey.

    That’s why we take care of the acquisition process, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

    We will provide you with all the information from the seller including pictures and videos to determine optimal offer range.

    Scaling for Success

    If you want to automate your business or scale your company to surpass your competitors, from lead generation to team management, we provide the resources necessary to accelerate your growth and achieve remarkable success.

    Maximize Your Profit Potential

    Don’t risk leaving money on the table! With our professional and
    motivated team by your side, your biggest concern will be handling the
    abundance of deals coming your way. (we can help there too!)

    Request a Discussion with an Expert

      What Our Clients are Saying

      1.375 Million - We're closing tomorrow! Sometimes we pay for leads and they're just looky-loos, but these are REAL leads, who expect your call!

      Norma (Real Estate Broker)

      I am impressed with LeadClicker. I have already gotten 4 listings, and I have a huge list of listing waiting for the owners to finish repairs, improvements, etc. I highly recommend them.

      Richard Naranjo (Real Estate Agent)

      Eric Muran - (Owner)

      I’m not a Realtor or Broker, but after 21 years working in high-end corporate sales, I prospected so much that my fingers would literally hurt from dialing.   Eventually, I became really good at finding great leads that led to lots of business.  

      I found that finding qualified prospects at scale to work with is critical to uncommon success.

       It really comes down to putting good leads in front of a good salesperson.

        This is where the magic happens. 

      That’s why I started LeadClicker.  I wished I had this service when I started. 

      Salespeople and saavy investors now have a SERIOUS advantage- let us bolster your team with a cadre of highly trained professional callers, negotiators, and managers, let us filter through the “time wasters” and hand you prospects and properties that lead to more closed sales, and a fatter, more enviable portfolio and GCI.

      I have tremendous gratitude to be fortunate enough to have a successful sales career by selling hundreds of millions of dollars of closed sales, and now I want to give back to the industry that made it possible.

       Obviously, we can’t have more than one client per zip code. We’re not running ads to a nebulous “audience”. We’re literally callling every single qualified home owner in your area. We can’t do that for two people in the same area. When we say one realtor per zipcode, we’re not just being 100% accurate and truthful, we’re underpromising. For most clients not in a huge city, they actually have several exclusive zipcodes (no extra charge) Book a call with one of our professionals to get all the details and give yourself the advantage over everyone else in your area who isn’t calling every single home owner.